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The International Academy of E-Commerce (IAEC) is very different from other membership sites. This is a club.

  • Do you want to find drop shippers in Australia – DONE
  • Do you want to talk to a super guru – DONE
  • Do you want to really know if a marketing channel is worth the cost – DONE
  • Want to open a support office in India – DONE
  • Want a training program in Brazil – DONE

Together we are taking e-Commerce to a whole new level.

Inside we have a huge library of resources; video training, free software, checklists, webinars, special reports. 

Cataloged and easy to find.

Every week we add new bite-size resources that are easy to digest and implement. Including short videos, special reports and checklists.

Technology changes every day. No person, not you and not me can keep up with everything.

Together we can pool our resources and go out and get the tools we need to be successful.

Just Some Of The Many Benefits Of Joining…

What Do You Want To Do?

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    Don’t Be Afraid of the Internet - Use It

    As more and more people buy from the internet, local stores are closing. It doesn’t have to be that way. You have the power to increase your sales, stay in business and stay in your community.

    Look at it this way, if someone buys a home entertainment system, an air conditioner, appliances or any big ticket item and something goes wrong, do you really think Amazon or Walmart are going to come out and fix it? Don’t think so.

    Even if your product is a little more expensive you have the power of you.

    You have your reputation. You have the ability to make things right. You have trust and credibility. As they say “we know where you live.”

    Now with the new market you don’t have to gamble your own money on inventory. Taking the chance you will sell the 50 or 100 pieces you bought.

    Using the same internet strategy as Amazon, Walmart, Best Buy and thousands of other retailers,  your customers can shop on your website, order the products, have it shipped to you or their house and have you drop by and install it.

    We will help you sell your products and services on their websites.

    Joe the Plumber

    PlumberHere’s an example that you can apply to any business. Let’s take a plumber for instance. In Portland there are 347 plumbers listed in the Yellow Pages We have 248,549 homes - that’s one plumber for every 716 homes. How often do you suppose all of these homes need a plumber?

    When you break it down it’s a small market with a lot of competition.

    So how do you stand out? How do you help your customers remember you when they need help again. Hand out cards? Leave a brochure? Maybe a refrigerator magnet. If you’re lucky your card will wind up in the junk drawer. If you’re not so lucky it will end up in that little round receptacle in the corner.

    Let’s amp up your marketing and make lifetime customers. Let’s say on the back of your card is a coupon for a free Set of 100% Egyptian Cotton Towels as a thank you gift. The towels sell for $56 but cost you only $22.

    They log into your online store, pick the color they want and the towels are delivered to their house. In the process you have made a friend and captured their email so you can keep them up to date on the latest specials, news alerts and information they might be interested in, like how to protect their home during the coming freeze.

    Your online store is so easy your fourteen year old can manage it. You now have another income stream. No inventory and a way to keep in contact with your clients. So when they have their next plumbing emergency who do you think they’ll call? It ain’t Ghostbusters!

    No matter what kind of a store or trade you’re in pet grooming, beauty salon, sporting goods, river rafting, party supplies, office supplies, construction, heating and air conditioning, church supplies; anything I guarantee we can find thousands of products you can sell online.


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